Vegan Gluten Free Aquafaba French Toast


At the beginning of my health food journey, I had to come to terms with the fact that I would never be able to eat my guilty pleasure foods again, but boy was I wrong. At the beginning I went Vegan to help with a lot of serious health problems I was facing. I was tired of being sick and tired. I had always enjoyed preparing food, but my idea of “cooking” was putting as much unhealthy, tasty stuff I could find and piling it all together. If I was starting a cooking show back then I would have named it “How To Prepare Meals Over 3,000 Calories.” I drank everyday, I ate Mcdonalds, I LOVED Taco Bell, and I was so depressed, unhappy, and SICK. Learning to cook healthy took time, I had to experiment with so many different ingredients and substitutes for my usual guilty pleasures. It’s been a long journey, but it’s so worth it. Eating is so enjoyable once you learn how to eat and not feel this immediate guilt (that I had always felt before). It’s truly amazing what you can do with fresh, wholesome ingredients. One of my go-tos since day one, have been Chickpeas. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Aquafaba, I’ve made several recipes involving this magical unexpected wonder, but just to reiterate… Aquafaba is the viscous water in which chickpeas have been cooked aka the water in the can of cooked chickpeas and it’s an EGGcellent egg replacement (see what I did there?)!!! I had limited ingredients this morning and wanted to test the versatility of this wonder ingredient (this recipe does not have to be gluten free, if you eat gluten you can totally sub gluten free ingredients for wheat bread/flour) This French Toast was seriously incredible and had the most amazing delicate crisp sugar coating, with a super warm, soft middle. I fell in love and this will be one of my main Sunday morning staples!


Vegan Gluten Free Aquafaba French Toast

Servings: Makes approximately 6 pieces of toast


3/4 Cup Aquafaba (1 can of Organic Chickpeas yields approx 3/4 cup)

1/8 tsp Vanilla Extract(Alcohol Free)

1 tsp Cinnamon

4 tbsp Coconut Sugar

2 Tsp Millet Flour (you can use any Gluten Free Flour if you don’t have millet flour, this is just to thicken the Aquafaba)

6 slices of Gluten Free Bread

2 Tbsp Unrefined Coconut Oil (for pan)

Optional: Toasted Coconut, chopped raw almonds, fresh fruit, maple syrup for topping

Note: If you are not Gluten Free you can use regular wheat bread and regular wheat flour


  1. In small mixing bowl, add Aquafaba, Cinnamon, Coconut Sugar, Flour, Vanilla Extract and whisk vigorously until foaming occurs
  2. In non-stick skillet on Medium heat, add 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (1 tbsp per 3 slices)
  3.  3 at a time, dip bread slices one at a time in Aquafaba mixture and completely coat, then re-dip each piece to ensure it’s been completely absorbed in the center (gluten free bread seems to need double dipped)
  4. Cook bread until lightly browned on each side
  5. Add more coconut oil per 3 slices
  6. Top with your favorite French Toast toppings, I added toasted coconut, raw almonds and maple syrup, yum!


Note: You want to make sure once you coat the bread with the Aquafaba mixture to immediately put on hot skillet, it will get very soggy and start to break apart if you let it sit out.






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