Rich & Creamy Butternut Squash ‘Ice Cream’ Bowl

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For the past two years, there hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t enjoyed a smoothie bowl or a milkshake. Every morning, without fail, I get up, drink 16oz of lukewarm lemon water and take a couple chlorella tablets. I then drink (more like choke down) a mixture of turmeric, spirulina, black pepper, maca root, wheatgrass powder, and acai powder.  Finally, I finish off my morning routine with a delicious and creamy bowl or glass of vegan ‘ice cream’ or ‘milkshake’. One of my favorite and easiest blends is my Butternut Squash ‘Ice Cream’. There are several different versions of this, depending on what I have available (or how lazy I have been with grocery shopping that particular week). The base is super easy to make and tastes delicious no matter your culinary skills. But here it is, my first recipe. Bear with me as this is my first recipe post. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

The most important thing regarding all of my smoothie bowls is the ripeness of the bananas. It is important for them to be very ripe, browning, soft, and very delicate on the outside. I let my bananas sit out for a week or so until they become very brown and soft.  I then peel them and stick them in a freezer bag. It generally takes about 24 hours for them to freeze to my liking. I also prefer to buy frozen fruits and veggies for smoothie bowls with the exception of bananas and zucchini.  Also, frozen fruit doesn’t have to be in season and companies freeze them at their peak so you don’t need to worry about them losing their essential nutrients. Unlike other fruit, banana’s antioxidant content increases as they ripen. The brown spots form when the chlorophyll in bananas begins to break down and turn into antioxidants. Antioxidants are extremely beneficial for your body due to the fact they prevent and delay some cell damage and lower the risk of certain diseases. So let those babies ripen! (They also develop a much more neutral sweetness as they age)

Butternut Squash ‘Ice Cream’


Serves 2


1 1/2 frozen bananas (or two depending on your desired sweetness)

1 1/2 cups of frozen butternut squash (I purchase mine at Wegmans or Whole Foods)

1/2 cup of frozen pineapple

1 scoop of Vega Vanilla Plant Protein (Or any vanilla plant protein you prefer)

2 dashes of cinnamon

1 vanilla bean pod (seeds scraped) or 1/2 TSP vanilla extract (neither are necessary but add a depth of flavor)

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (or any plant based milk)

Notes: If you want the consistency to be more like traditional ice cream, sub 1 cup full fat coconut cream for 1 cup almond milk


1.  Blend in any high powered blender for 3-5 min, scraping the sides as necessary (If you want a milk shake consistency, add more almond milk to your desired preference)

2.  Top with whatever plant based goodies your heart desires!

My favorites:

Raw vegan chocolate (Recipe to come!)

Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola

Chopped strawberries

Frozen wild blueberries

Goji berries

Nut Butter (Non GMO, Organic, with no added oils or sugars)

Nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts)

Coconut whipped cream (Recipe to come!)

Raw chickpea cookie dough (Recipe to come!)

More recipes to come!



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