First Blog Post!

Hello All!

With this being my first post, I feel it requires a bit of an introduction. My name is Sara, I’m a Twenty-Something, Vegan, Health Enthusiast, Esthetician, Fashion Addict, Food Obsessed, Nature Lover (I feel like I’m writing my dating profile bio). I really have no agenda with creating this website other than sharing my passion with others! (Rather than blowing up all of my friends/family Instagram feeds with food photos).

I, like most everyone else, have always struggled with getting a good night’s rest, waking up in the morning, and not feeling exhausted at any point in the day despite the copious amounts of caffeine I had consumed (I was the girl who would never turn down a crazy night out of drinking, dancing and whatever trouble I could get myself into). With a laundry list of shit I could complain about, (feeling sick constantly, digestive Issues 24/7, skin issues, depression, hypothyroidism) I decided to shut up and do something about it. I have always been the type of person who needs to set strict rules for myself, or I won’t follow through with the task at hand. I began by cutting out everything; processed foods, meat, dairy (as I’m lactose Intolerant), refined sugars, caffeine, energy drinks, alcohol, gluten, etc. The first week I felt I had gotten hit by a bus. I couldn’t get out of bed the first two days, and my cravings for fast food were stronger than ever. I stayed strong. Each day I began to feel better and better. After the first month had passed, I couldn’t remember a time when I had ever felt better and more alive. I had energy, I was sleeping soundly, and I had a new found sense of excitement for life. It’s been about 2 years now and I’ve gone off all medication (other than my Synthroid for Hashimotos Thyroiditis). So, I wanted to create a place, other than my Instagram, to share ideas, skin care tips, recipes, and general information that’ve helped me to vastly improve upon my overall wellness and simultaneously, my happiness. So bear with me here, I tend to ramble and as my mother would say, I have the mouth of a sailor (I’ll try and keep it PG-13). Anyway, thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to sharing a little part of my life with you!


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